Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vatican suspends priest after hidden camera films sexual advances

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Vatican suspended an official from his job and opened an investigation after the priest was secretly filmed making advances to a young man.

The official, Msgr. Tommaso Stenico, insisted that he was not gay. In a statement Oct. 14, he said he was only pretending to be homosexual in order to research a suspected gay campaign against priests.

Msgr. Stenico, 60, is one of three section chiefs at the Congregation for Clergy. He is the host of a catechetical TV program, has written many religious books and has his own Web site.

The scandal erupted in early October when the Italian network La7 broadcast a program on gay priests.

One segment, filmed through a hidden camera, showed an appointment between a Vatican monsignor and a young man, in which the priest leads the young man to his Vatican office and implies that he doesn't think homosexual acts are sinful.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Men urinals hidden cameras

Men urinals hidden cameras

Hidden camera discovered in Starbucks toilet

Rotorua Starbucks cafe staff were horrified to discover a secret camera in their unisex toilets, which had graphic footage of customers going to the toilet.

The small movie camera was found by a staff member on Wednesday who noticed it hidden in a toilet brush holder, the Rotorua Daily Post reported.

It appeared to have been planted by a member of the public who tried to conceal it by wrapping it in a black plastic bag.

The incident has been reported to Rotorua police.

The camera was sitting on a small tripod fixed to the white toilet brush holder.

Starbucks' area manager Thomas Cox said the camera contained about five minutes' worth of footage, featuring three male and female customers who had just used the toilet.

"There was some graphic stuff on there," he said.

The camera also showed the man who is believed to have hidden it, leaving the bathroom.

The man was described as aged in his early to mid-20s, of Asian descent, and about 174cm tall. He had a thin build, short black hair, and wore glasses.

Starbucks staff say the toilet brush holder used by the man did not belong to the store, suggesting the offender must have brought it with him.

Hidden camera in ministry toilet

Dubai: A female employee was stunned to find a hidden camera in a toilet at a federal ministry building in Dubai.

The employee noticed the small wireless camera the size of a one dirham coin in a hidden locker room cameras.

Police are interrogating a number of employees and some suspects have been detained.

Police said officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Forensic Sciences Department took fingerprints from the scene. A woman had complained about the issue over Ajman Radio 4 Station on Monday.

A ministry official refused to comment saying that the case was with the police now.

Email Warns of Hidden Camera in Tanning Salons

EXPLICIT photographs taken secretly of unsuspecting women using tanning beds, are being circulated in a hoax email.

The email claims the photos were taken by hidden cameras at a New Eltham tanning salon.

The email contains dozens of revealing pictures of naked women using tanning beds, who are obviously unaware they are being photographed.

In fact, the pictures were taken at a salon in the USA and have no connection with the Tanners salon in Footscray Road.

This is the second time in two months Tanners has been targeted by the hoax email, but, despite its denials, customer numbers at the salon have more than halved since the email resurfaced last week.

Manager Sian White, 21, said: "We have lost a hell of a lot of business over this.

Angry women who use tanning beds are circulating the pictures to each other, believing them to be genuine and warning their friends and family not to use the salon.

One of the pictures featured in the hoax email
One of the pictures featured in the hoax email

Miss White said: "We have tried to convince people the photographs bear no resemblance to our salon but people just say photos can be changed digitally."

She added: "Customers have called us to say they have recognised themselves from the pictures and one angry man came in claiming he had recognised his girlfriend.

"But that is impossible because we know the photos were taken in California."

The salon approached Eltham police when the email first began circulating in October to see if anything could be done to stop it.

But the salon was told the police could take no action as no crime had been committed.

Miss White, who has worked at the salon for three years, added: "We have searched the salon thoroughly to make sure there are no hidden cameras.

"And we have invited people to come in and have a look for themselves to see it is not our salon in the photos and there are no hidden cameras here."

But despite the invitation she said people still believed the salon was guilty.

She said: "Staff are being abused all day by people who believe the email is genuine."

This time round, the email also implicated a second salon, Tantalising in Bellegrove Road, Welling, which does not even have the lie-down beds featured in the photographs.

Its takings have also plummeted, despite the salon contacting every address on the email to deny the allegation.

Bosses there have taken the email to Bexleyheath police to see if anything can be done.

The two salons have no connection with each other and have no idea why they have been targeted in this way.

Locker-Room Nudity at Northwestern U & U of Pennsylvania Documented On Camera

One of my readers recently alerted me to the fact that college wrestlers have been surreptitiously videotaped undressing, showering and weighing in unclothed at meets, including a national tournament at Northwestern University. I found several news reports confirming the story, including reports from the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post. Those familiar with the tapes, including officials at Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania, believe the footage was shot using cameras concealed inside gym bags, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Reuters News Service ran this headline for their story: "Who Wants to See That?" Obviously, the news service is not aware of the concept of "supply and demand" nor the fact that hidden locker room tapes of both sexes have been produced and sold for a number of years. I happen to own one myself that shows guys in various stages of dress and undress in college locker rooms, the beach bathroom, or even in a Marine Corps locker room!

The tapes were distributed under titles such as "Gym Time," "Straight Off the Mat" and "Between the Lockers." One order form also advertises tapes entitled, "The Football Team" and "Good Morning, Marines." A search of these titles on the Net led me to the actual site where one can pay to view the "tapes" in question. As of press time for this column, however, the site displayed the message: "The College Jocks Hidden Camera photos are no longer available." The webmaster did not return an E-mail request for comment.